We remember our martyrs with mercy and our veterans with gratitude.

July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day

“While we were fighting terrorism on the one hand, we repulsed the coup attempt of Fetullah Terrorist Organization, which is the partner of all terrorist organizations. We did this together with our nation that conformed to our call that evening. This nation is a nation whose forehead is kissable. The poet says, “You will walk, folks will walk behind you.” Alhamdulillah the people walked behind us and did not leave us alone. All of a sudden, they filled the squares, airports, and were full. But there was a difference. What was it? Our nation lay under tanks, did not run away from F-16s and F-4s, shielded their chests against those bullets of helicopters. As the poet said, ‘Trench your flesh, let alone this flock’ My nation shielded its chest and repelled this foolish influx. Because the insurance of both his independence and his future was his faith, he did this.”August 4, 2016

July 15

Coup Attempt And Victory Of The Nation