kurumsal-iletisim-imagesEcrin Food company entered the market in 1952, the brand ships within confectionery sector in Gaziantep

The company has reached what it is today without compromising quality and taste of hand  and has established itself through the great success inside and outside the country, which increased its shares in the export market

It began producing comfort delight, jam, grape molasses, sesame paste, chicken stock powder, and where the drink powder achieved a prominent role in this sector and we are currently in the process of manufacturing  ketchup, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar and pomegranate molasses

And still it strives to provide the best services to customers through a variety of high quality products, and this success has gained the support and experience of the staff who provide the maximum what they have to meet customer demands

Ecrin Food Company  which makes exports to many countries such as, Iraq, Georgia, Ukraine, Germany and Belgium  . The company aims to export 70% of production in 2016, with export department created its own this year

Our efforts are extremely important for the company to meet the different markets in which the product lasts 3 in production and growth in all kinds of different brands requirements

And provide better services to the customers with the continued conscious types of health products efforts and thereby increase customer satisfaction and potential . Consumer demand has been achieved and make an immediate success with the professional staff of the evaluation, according to the compromise proposal through corporate structures

Recently will be moved broth range of types of products, which will enrich with organic pomegranate and to the production company for the performance in 2016 will continue to be the moment of Gaziantep 5. Organization industrial site in the new place is 20,000 square feet for the production it intends varieties concentrated fruit in the project phase service

Customer satisfaction, quality and diversity of products and the production of healthy Ecrin Food Company provided nearly 1.5 million Euros in 2015, and investment to renew production device fonts

Ecrin Food Company closely following the latest technological developments in the food sector and the development of a continuous self-renewal, and continue to work to increase the brand value

Ecrin Food products groups, varieties of delight like double roasted Turkish delight , special Turkish delight, Pasha Turkish delight, chocolate Pasha Turkish delight , fruit  flavored Turkish delight , sausage Turkish delight , varieties mentioned as a spin Turkish delight