Quality policy

Our policy Common Management Systems

“Ecrin Food” is to create the first in the food products industry we produce ourselves by selecting the target, our creative ideas we create together by inserting into a certain discipline and system for our future in order to ensure the continuity we chose as a target of Total Quality philosophy.

In the food reward senior management leadership, to achieve high-quality products and services, Quality, Environment and
Food safety issues, and that consciousness is an integral whole;

Recognizing the focal point of all the requests of our customers, meeting the needs and expectations of
To increase our product range without departing from the principles of sustainable quality and nature of the product,
Healthy, creating a safe environment for our employees by providing a safe work environment,
We value our employees and their families accept our true, making them investment by providing development through their training, allowing them to participate personally in our improvement activities,
Customer satisfaction and to achieve continuous improvement by measuring our impact on the environment,
All our work with our law, international agreements, quality, environment and to comply with food legislation,
To prevent the pollution of our environment by using natural resources effectively,
Our customers and all our production potential risks to the health of our employees a minimum level of hygiene download,
The recycling of recyclable wastes providing the conscious use of natural resources
and to save on raw material resources in an appropriate manner by allowing the disposal of hazardous waste,
Minimizing damage to the environment we ensure that waste management
In order to create the environment we are committed to providing our sensitive society of our common benefits to collaboration with the local authorities and environmental organizations.